せめては、わたしの手の届く範囲の自然と環境の回復を願って、昨年夏より、「サホロ湖環境アートの森」(上川郡新得町) の樹木に、北門小学校(士幌町東居辺)の学校林に、またドイツの街々(ケルン、ボン、デッセルドルフ、カッセル、フランクフルト)にマスクをかける仕事を展開しています。
いずれにせよ、この行為 <アート> が具体的で単純な分だけ、ひとびとは、樹木や身辺の見慣れた物体や日頃は目に留めることのないものたちが、マスクをかけている状況の意味を理解し、自分が見失っていたとても大切なものを、いともやすやすと思い起こすことでしょう。
もう一つは、マスクをかける行為 <パフォーマンス>の記録で、その状況を写真やスライド、<ビデオ>に撮影することです。
Japanese medical masks made of gauze (cotton) are used not only at hospital but also daily at home. People use them not to breathe in polluted air, or to protect those who have hay fever from breathing in pollen, or not to spread germs, coughs, sneezes in the air when they catch cold. This mask has suddenly attracted a great deal of world public attention when SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) has broken out in Asia in the spring of 2003.

I have been using this mask in my artwork since 1999. I use it because I am worried about environment pollution that becomes worse recently on this earth. I hope as an artist to put the brakes on it using the art as a media. Art is also my only contact with the society.
One mask itself is really tiny and we never think that it has some special power in it. However, if I continue my work with the mask for a longer time, each and every mask will become someday メa huge mask covering the planet earth. And this huge mask as accumulated human conscience will never fail to attract for a second the eyes of their mind, the eyes of those who pretending to have no interest in the surrounding happenings including the global environment.

1010×2860cm  2000
mask,bandage clasp,paper box